Here’s the old party favourite in a giant size that will produce whole troops of entangled people. Just throw the two inflatable dice to determine where to move your arms and legs. The more the game goes on the more twisting and contorting happens.

Tremendous ice-breaker – everyone soon gets to know everyone else much better than they ever expected…

The game comes with two inflatable dice and 8 pegs for holding down the board which measures 3m square.

The movements are determined by the throw of 2 giant inflatable dice with some special throws for extra fun!

The manufacturer says up to 30 players can play – this might be a bit of a squeeze but it should certainly work for a dozen people or so.

This game is showerproof and can be left outside overnight during summer months. However, it should be brought inside in extreme weather and should be stored in a dry place over winter.


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