Snakes and Ladders


Classic Snakes and Ladders is full of twists and turns through the roll of the dice, test your luck of going up the ladder or down the snakes


Great fun for the back garden or children’s parties, here’s the old game of Snakes and Ladders in a giant size. In this version – there are no counters – YOU jump from square to square, climb up the ladders and slide down the snakes!!

The game comes with an inflatable die and 8 pegs for holding down the board which measures 3m square. Note that the rules are not the standard Snakes and Ladders – there are a couple of optional additional twists that add to the enjoyment.

The inflatable dice are great fun – in fact a bit too much fun as most children seem to end up hoofing them around like a football at some point and so their lifespan is often sadly shorter than it should be. For anyone intending to use Giant Snakes and Ladders in a public setting we suggest you consider also buying some giant foam dice to go with the game. These are more able to cope with being kicked and thrown around and will last much longer.

This game is showerproof and can be left outside overnight during summer months. However, it should be brought inside in extreme weather and should be stored in a dry place over winter.


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