Amazingly fun, Jenga is a game of mental skill removing the blocks without toppling the tower.


Uber Giant Tumble Tower is a giant size version of the tumbling tower game that is fantastic at parties, weddings and other events.

Starting at 90cm high, the tower can grow to higher than 1.5m. It is a great ice-breaker at parties and will be a consistent favourite.

This version of the game is made from 56 well-crafted blocks of pinewood giving a 19 level tower. Pine is a soft wood and so the wood will dent more easily than the hardwood version we also sell. However it is also lighter, which makes the game more portable, and is less expensive.

The Uber Giant Tumble Tower comes with a sturdy and convenient nylon carry bag for storage and transport.

6 of the blocks are branded on both sides. The remaining blocks are blank allowing customers to put their own logo on, if desired.

The Giant Tumble Tower can be dangerous when it topples over so everyone should stand well back when not actually removing a brick and the person removing the brick should take great care not to stand where the tower will fall. This game is not suitable for children.

To compare the features of the Uber Giant Tumble Tower with similar tower products, please visit our Mega Hi Tower Comparison Table.


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